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Installation of New Teachers
Sunday, August 17 was installation day for our new teachers.  Mrs. Lindenberg for grade 1, Mrs. Beilke for ESL and  Mrs. Reinhardt was installed as our extended learning coordinator.  We thank God for sending us such masterful teachers.

St. Peter Welcomes the New Teachers
St. Peter celebrated the newly installed teachers on Sunday, August 24.  The new teachers were introduced to the congregation with fellowship following in the St. Peter Community Center.

First Days of School
The last week of August brought new shoes, new backpacks, new friends and lots of fun.  Students and families came for the first day on Tuesday, August 26 to find classrooms and friends.  Christ-St. Peter Lutheran School welcomed almost 200 students on the first day.

2014 Welcome Back Potluck
Thursday, September 4 was our annual "Welcome Back to School" potluck.  Families and staff had time to visit and enjoy supper together.  Our thanks to all the families who came and for all the food that was shared.  Special thanks to Mrs. Bravo and Mrs. Yerks for the organizing of the event.

First Joint Chapel of the 2014-2015 School Year
The opening service for the 2014-2015 school year was on Friday, September 5.  The students and families from both campuses joined together at St. Peter Lutheran Church on the East Campus.  After the service, Mr. Beyersdorf highlighted special chapel events which will happen throughout the school year and Mrs. Bravo highlighted the upcoming mission projects.

East Campus soccer has started.  Students are starting with basic skills and getting ready to play some mini games.

2014 Volleyball
Under the coaching skills of Mrs. Lindenberg and Mrs. Hochmuth, the 2014 girls volleyball season has begun.  Our thanks to our coaches, Mrs. Lindenberg and Mrs. Hochmuth for their time and efforts as well as our students and parents for their dedication to the team.

FIrst Field Trip for K4 and K5
The first field trip for the 2014-2015 school year sent the K4 and K5 to the Mequon Nature Preserve.  The students were learning more about habitats.  They were able to experience the wetlands, the prairie and the forest.

First and Second Grade Visit the Nature Preserve
The first and second grade classes also visited the Mequon Nature Preserve.  They were able to experience first hand the tadpoles in the wetlands, the tall grasses of the prairie and searching for acorns in the forest.

October Joint Chapel
On October 3, the students from both campuses met at the west campus for the second joint chapel of the school year.  Pastor Otto reminded us how important it is to stay in God's word to keep our faith growing.  The Junior Choir sang for the service as well.  After the service, Mr. Beyersdorf announced the students of the month from September.

Book Buddies
After the October joint chapel, the students started the 'Book Buddy" program again.  The younger students are partnered with older students in order to expand our reading program.  The K4 is paired with 4th grade, K5 with 5th, 1st with 6th, 2nd with 7th and 3rd with 8th.  Hearing the older students mentor their younger readers has shown to improve reading skills.

2014 CLIPPERS Volleyball Tournament
The 22nd Annual CLIPPERS B-Team Volleyball Tournament was held at the West Campus October 3-5.  Girls volleyball teams from 9 area WELS schools attended.  Our thanks to Mrs. Lenga and the CLIPPERS for all their work with this worthwhile tournament for B-team girls.

2014 Game Night
The annual game night at the west campus was held on October 17.  Students in grades 3-5 came with their families to enjoy some time with snacks, fun and fellowship.  Our thanks to Mrs. Beyersdorf for her efforts in spearheading this event for our students and families.

Future Vikings
Mr. Ricke, recruitment director from Wisconsin Lutheran High School, visited the 5th grade class in October.  He helped them make "future Viking" t-shirts while he talked to them about their future at WISCO.

A Trip to the Park
Mrs. Beyersdorf and Mrs. Beilke took the 3rd graders for a walk in the park.  They were able to use the time to see how the leaves are changing and how the nature is changing in preparation for winter. 

Church Practice
Students in grades K4-2 practiced for their turn to sing in church.  Their song was "Oh, How I Love Jesus."  Our thanks to Mr. Yerks and Mrs. Lindenberg for their efforts in choosing, accompanying and directing the song.

Story Book Night
The East Campus students and their families were invited to a fall version of Story Book Night.  Students and families came in their pajamas to enjoy some snacks, fellowship and some great stories.  Mr. Yerks arranged that each family was able to take home a book of poetry.

Ebert's Greenhouse Village
Students in grades K4-2 went to Ebert's Greenhouse Village in October.  While they were there, they enjoyed a storyteller's version of "The Little Old Lady Who Wasn't Afraid of Anything."  They also went through a story maze, made a craft, went on a hayride, picked a pumpkin and played in the hay.  The students were also able to see the baby calf, pigs, goats, hens and a turkey.

2014 Cross Country
The 2014 Cross Country season is over, but not forgotten.  The team had one of it's best years...some runners finishing in the top 20 of their meet.  Congratulations to all of our runner and Coach Beyersdorf.

Musical Adventures
For the month of November the West Campus students are participating in the Musical Adventures program from Wisconsin Lutheran High School.  Mrs. Flannigan, a music instructor at WISCO, brings the drum program to our students at our school.   Students have been enjoying this program and we appreciate Mrs. Flannigan and WISCO for providing this.

2014 East Campus Variety Night
The students of the East Campus presented their Fall Variety Night on Thursday, November 6 at St. Peter Lutheran Church.  The K4 sang "Arky, Arky," the K5 sang "Wimoweh" and "Pig On Her Head," the 1st grade sang "The Green Grass Grew All Around" and "Wonderful World" and the 2nd grade sang "Fifty Nifty United States."  The finale brought all the students back to sing, "Oh, How I Love Jesus."  Our thanks to the students, families and teachers for their time and efforts.

November Joint Chapel and Book Buddies
On November 7 the students from the West Campus joined the students on the East Campus for joint chapel, students of the month, lunch with Mr. B's and Book Buddies.  It was a busy and productive morning.

First Steps First Stage
K4-2nd grade enjoyed the First Steps First Stage presentation of "The Three Little Pigs."  The show was an interactive play based on the traditional story.

A Taste of Greece
The 5th grade has been learning about Greece.  To add to the learning, they sampled pomegranates, a delicacy of Greece.  It was a tasty good time!

Thanksgiving Feast
Thanksgiving came early to the East Campus.  The students in grades K4-2 participated in a variety of centers to learn more about what Thanksgiving is and why it is celebrated.  The culminating activity was eating a Thanksgiving feast consisting of turkey, gravy, potatoes, corn, corn bread and pumpkin pie. 

Home Depot Field Trip
The K4-2nd grade made their annual field trip to Home Depot to do a little building.  Projects included bug boxes, banks and pencil crates.  The children enjoy the chance to build something and work with their Home Depot friends again.

Operation Jesus Cares 2014
December 16 marked the 4th annual Operation Jesus Cares project.  The west campus students along with members from Victory of the Lamb went out into the community to share Christmas joy.  The members from Victory of the Lamb helped the students make Christmas bags which included meat and vegetables as well as boxes with gloves, hand sanitizer and treats.  After the bags were packed groups went out in the neighborhood, handed out the bags and shared the joy of baby Jesus.  Our thanks to the members of Victory of the Lamb for this outreach opportunity in the neighborhood.

December Chapels
For the Fridays in December, the students from both campuses met at St. Peter's.  On the first Friday, the students participated in chapel with Pastor Vallesky, celebrated the students of the month from November and then practiced for the December 19 Children's Christmas service.  For the second Friday, Pastor Otto led the worship and then the students practiced.  On the final Friday, Pastor Schoell led the worship and then the students had their final practice.

January Joint Chapel and Book Buddies
January's joint chapel had to be re-scheduled because of a "cold day" off the week before.  The students and faculty were ready to worship and then celebrate the students of the month from December.  The students for "lunch with the Mr. B's" were also chosen.  Then the students found their buddies and shared their reading skills with each other.

East Campus Art Club
East campus art club has returned.  Students in grades K4-2 choose either a Wednesday or a Thursday for some time to learn more about various artists and their techniques.  Then time is given for the students to explore and use different art media like the artist. 

Betty Brinn Field Trip
In January, the East Campus went to the Betty Brinn Museum.  Grades K4-2 enjoyed "working" in the community store, pizza restaurant and post office as well as exploring the 50 states and the human body.

West Campus Spin Art
Mr. Ricke from Wisconsin Lutheran High School visited our 3rd and 4th grade students.  With his visit he brought a spin art barrel.  He welcomed the students to try their hand at spin art, adding a paint color at a time while the barrel spins.  He reminded the students that they can enjoy fine arts like this at Wisconsin Lutheran High School after they graduate from CSPLS.  We thank him for his time and his reminder of our Lutheran High School.

100th Day of School
Thursday, February 12 was the 100th day of school!  The students of the East Campus marked the day counting, weighing, measuring, writing and reading about those 100 days of school.  During the afternoon, the students particiapted in centers which included making 100 day cookies, a 100 count scavenger hunt, counting 100 blessings and reading and writing about 100.

2015 CSPLS Geography Bee
Students in grades 4-8 participated in the 2015 National Geographic Geography Bee in January.  Opening rounds of the bee were written tests.  After a few rounds, the final students were then put together and questions were asked.  The final two students were then put into a "championship round" and our 1st and 2nd place winners were found.  Congratulations to all of our geography bee participants.

February Joint Chapel
The February joint chapel was at St. Peter's Lutheran Church.  After chapel, Mr. Beyersdorf announced the students of the month for January.  The winners of the National Geographic Geography Bee were also announced.  After chapel, the students joined their book buddies for some reading fun.

East Campus Musical Adventures
Mrs. Flanagan brought the Musical Adventures to the East Campus.  The students in grades K4-2 learned about their singing voices. 

Mad Science
The February East Campus field trip was Mad Science.  Dynamo Dan came to visit and share his science knowledge with us on the topic of "Fire and Ice."

Joint Chapel
Joint Chapel on February 27 was at the west campus.  Pastor Otto conducted the service.  Mr. Beyersdorf announced the students of the month for February as well as the Lunch with the Mr. B winners.  The students enjoyed reading with their book  buddies too.

2014-2015 B-Team
Our boys b basketball team finished their season with  many new skills.  We thank our boys, their parents and coaches, Mr. Schable and Mr. Csar, for their time and effort this year.

Nsenga Mission Talk
The Nsenga Bible translation has been out mission project for the 2nd trimester.  Mr. Pluger is one of the people working on this translation and he and his family are back in the United States for a few months.  He took time from his busy schedule to talk to us about the people and the project. 

Milwaukee Ballet Visit
Three visitors from the Milwaukee Ballet came to visit the K4 and K5 at the East Campus.  They read us two ballet stories and taught us some stretches to keep our bodies strong.  They also showed us some of the costumes and shoes.  They even taught us a fancy ballet move. 

Art Club Party
Art club has ended for another year!  The season ended with a celebration featuring the works of all of our young artists.  Family and friends joined us as we showed and shared our Chihuly sculptures and Kandinsky masterpieces.  Hot dogs, nachos and juice were then enjoyed by all.  Our thanks to the families and students who participated in art club.

2015 Book Fair
The annual book fair was held at the east campus during the Parent-Teacher Conferences on March 12-13.  Students as well as family and friends had the opportunity to look at books and purchase them.  Our thanks to all the parents and friends who supported this book fair which benefits our school.

Mitchell Domes Field Trip
Students from the east campus visited the Mitchell Park Domes for their March field trip.  Students were able to see the desert, the tropical rainforest and the show dome.

Fairy Tale Tea
The first grade has been learning fairy tales.  They went to the K4 room to share their stories and then enjoy some "tea" with their friends.

Kindergarten Service Project
The students in grades K4 and K5 had an opportunity to do a service project for Easter.  The children were able to color eggs for the Easter breakfasts at Christ Lutheran Church and St. Peter Lutheran Church.  What a great opportunity show their "Jesus love" to the members of our two congregations.

April Joint Chapel and Book Buddies
On Good Friday the students from both campuses met at St. Peter Lutheran Church for the April joint chapel.  After the service, students of the month were announced.  Then students met up with their book buddies for some reading.

First and Second Grade Visits the Milwaukee Ballet
The first and second grade had a unique community field trip.  Instead of a bus, they walked to the Milwaukee Ballet on 5th and National.  The students were able to watch the dancers practice for their upcoming performance of Cinderella.  They also were able to walk through the "costume closet."  Our students were able to enjoy another part of our community.

Clock Shadow Creamery
Grades K4-2 made another connection in our community by visiting Clock Shadow Creamery.  The students were able to see and taste the cheese that is produced there as well as visit the roof garden.  We saw our school from their roof!

Art Museum Field Trip
The 4th grade had their final field trip to the Art Museum in April.  Not only did they learn more about the art and the artists, but they were able to learn more about the unique building as well.

Junior Docent Graduation
The students of our 5th grade class completed the "Junior Docent Program" offered by the Milwaukee Art Museum.  Students recreated their favorite work from the art museum and wrote a summary of the project and it's artist.  Congratulations to our new docents!

May Joint Chapel
May brought our last joint chapel of the school year as well as our last book buddies for 2015. 

East Campus Spring Sports
To end the school year, East Campus students are participating in spring sports.  Students have an opportunity to play dodgeball tag, tennis, t-ball, basketball, soccer and other games. 

Alice in Wonderland
The west campus production of "Alice in Wonderland" showcased the talent of many of our 4th-8th graders.  Our thanks to Miss Amann and Mrs. Beyersdorf for their direction and the students and parent for their hard work.

Spring Story Book Night
The East Campus hosted a Spring Story Book Night on May 15.  Students and their families came in the pajamas to enjoy a few fun stories.  There was a story about a cranky bear, some cows, dinosaurs who wanted to make a rumpus and a walrus that played baseball.  Families enjoyed the stories, snacks and fellowship.

The schools of the Lutheran Church of Central Africa
Dr. Kolander, from the schools of the Lutheran Church of Central Africa foundation, came to CSPLS to tell us more about their schools.  He showed us pictures of some of the students and encouraged us to keep these new friends and their schools in our prayers.