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Installation of New Teachers
Sunday, August 17 was installation day for our new teachers.  Mrs. Lindenberg for grade 1, Mrs. Beilke for ESL and  Mrs. Reinhardt was installed as our extended learning coordinator.  We thank God for sending us such masterful teachers.

St. Peter Welcomes the New Teachers
St. Peter celebrated the newly installed teachers on Sunday, August 24.  The new teachers were introduced to the congregation with fellowship following in the St. Peter Community Center.

First Days of School
The last week of August brought new shoes, new backpacks, new friends and lots of fun.  Students and families came for the first day on Tuesday, August 26 to find classrooms and friends.  Christ-St. Peter Lutheran School welcomed almost 200 students on the first day.

2014 Welcome Back Potluck
Thursday, September 4 was our annual "Welcome Back to School" potluck.  Families and staff had time to visit and enjoy supper together.  Our thanks to all the families who came and for all the food that was shared.  Special thanks to Mrs. Bravo and Mrs. Yerks for the organizing of the event.

First Jont Chapel of the 2014-2015 School Year
The opening service for the 2014-2015 school year was on Friday, September 5.  The students and families from both campuses joined together at St. Peter Lutheran Church on the East Campus.  After the service, Mr. Beyersdorf highlighted special chapel events which will happen throughout the school year and Mrs. Bravo highlighted the upcoming mission projects.

East Campus soccer has started.  Students are starting with basic skills and getting ready to play some mini games.

2014 Volleyball
Under the coaching skills of Mrs. Lindenberg and Mrs. Hochmuth, the 2014 girls volleyball season has begun.  Our thanks to the students, parents and coaches for their dedication to the team.