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2013 Registration
Wednesday, August 7 was registration day for the 2013-2014 school year.  Families came to fill out the final paper work, buy uniforms, sign up for sports and enjoy the fellowship of friends.

Parent Pot Luck
A few days after school started, we had a welcome to school pot luck.  Families and staff joined together in the West Campus gym for food and fellowship.  It was a lot of fun!

2013 Opening Service
The 2013-2014 school year opened with a joint chapel service on the West Campus.  Pastor Vallesky led our worship.  We thank and praise God for our school, students, families, faculty and staff and pray that he continues to bless our school year.

Mequon Nature Preserve
The students in Grades K4-2 took their first field trip in September.  All the groups went to the Mequon Nature Preserve to experience fall.  We were able to walk through the preserve and check out who lives there.  We also helped them gather seeds for planting.  We will be returning there in the winter and the spring to see the changes.

East Campus Basketball
Basketball has come to the East Campus for the fall after school activity.  The children in K4 and K5 practice on Wednesday and grades 1 and 2 practice on Thursday.  Skills are being learning and practiced while we have a lot of fun.

October Joint Chapel
Pastor Aaron Robinson, the campus pastor at our Wisconsin Lutheran High School, was the guest speaker at our October Joint Chapel.  He reminded us of how important and special our education at CSPLS is because it is grounded in the Word of God.  After chapel, the students of the month for September were announced.  We thank Pastor Robinson for his message and congratulate our students.

2013 Volleyball
Under the watchful eyes of Mr. Kamps and Mrs. Alva Garcia, the 2013 volleyball season showed much improvement.  The B-team girls had a successful year of learning basic skills while the A-team girls worked on teamwork.  Our thanks to the coaches and girls for another productive season.

Fourth Grade Art
The students in fourth grade tried their hand at a multi-media art project using watercolors and permanent marker.  The project helped them understand line and color.

UCC Art Tour
The students in grades 4 and 7 enjoyed the beauty of the United Community Center's Art Gallery.  The students enjoyed a guided tour of the art which highlights local Latino artists.

East Campus Zoo Field Trip
The K4, K5, 1st and 2nd grades went to the zoo in October.  Not only were they able to see the animals, but also the beautiful fall colors.

3rd and 4th Grade Family Game Night
The students, families and teachers in grades 3 and 4 held a game night.  Games, snacks and fun led to a great evening.

Grades 3 and 7 Visit the Mequon Preserve
The students in grades 3 and 7 made a visit to the Mequon Nature Preserve.  Guides led them throughout the preserve noting the different vegetation and how it is changing in the season.

Press Conference
Our prinicpal, Mr. Beyersdorf, opened our school to the community to host a press conference.  Alderman Bob Donovan with other city officials came to our gym to update the press on what is good in our neighborhood.  Our west campus students were able to see and participate in this important community event.

Apples and Pumpkins
The K4-2nd Grade went to the Elegant Farmer in Mukwonago.  They learned about how apples grow and got to enjoy an apple treat.  Then it was off to the pumpkin patch to pick pumpkins. 

November joint Chapel
The November Joint Chapel at the West Campus was followed by the presentation of the Students of the Month for October and the "Lunch with Mr. B's."

Book Buddies
After the November Joint Chapel, the students started a new program called, "Book Buddies."  The younger students are paired up with older students and have the opportunity to share books with each other.  As in the words of one student, "When can we do this again?"

East Campus Play Practice
The final practices for the East Campus play brought the students over to the St. Peter Church.  The students were able to practice their songs and lines on the staging.

How Does Your Garden Groove?
"How Does Your Garden Groove?,"  the East Campus play, was performed on Thursday, November 7.  The children presented the play through recitaiton, song and dance. 

3rd Grade Art Museum Field Trip
In November the 3rd Grade returned to the Art Museum for a more in depth look at some the portraits.  Later they were able to go to the work studio and try their hand at some painting.

A Visit to the Museum
Grades K4-2 went to the museum in November.  Each class had time to visit the butterfly habitat.  Classes also took time to visit areas of the museum that accompanied lessons that they had been learning in science and social studies.

Home Depot Field Trip
December brought the annual East Campus field trips to the Home Depot.  Grades K5 and 1st went on December 2 and grades K4 and 2nd went on December 9.  We are very appreciative to Home Depot for this opportunity for our students to use real tools and make a real project.

A Delicious Field Trip
While half of the group was at Home Depot building a project, the other half of the group enjoyed using their senses at a field trip to Krispie Kreme.  We were able to see how doughnuts are made, hear the directions for doughnuts, smell the delicous doughnuts, touch a warm doughnut and finally taste one as well!  Our thanks to Krispie Kreme for their participation with this field trip.

December Joint Chapel
In December, all chapels were joint so the students would be able to practice for the Christmas service.  But time was set aside after one chapel to announce the students of the month from November.  Congratulations to these students for their outstanding efforts.

Christmas Practice
From practice in the classrooms to lining up in the gym, students and teachers prepared and practiced for the 2013 Christmas service.  Students learned group recitations and songs as well as individual narrative parts.  You could hear part of the recitations and songs in English, Spanish and Karen.  This year's service included the use of Christ Ev. Lutheran Church's television to help us tell about the birth of Jesus.

Operation Jesus Cares 2013
December 19 marked the 3rd annual "Operation Jesus Cares."  This is a partnership between CSPLS and Victory of the Lamb congregation.  Victory of the Lamb members purchased and organized food and items for people in the CSPLS neighborhood.  Our students helped them pack the bags and then walked around the neighborhood delivering the bags along with the good news of Jesus.  Our thanks to Victory of the Lamb for all that they do to make this event possible.

Christmas Parties
On Friday, December 20, students on both campuses celebrated Christmas with their classroom parties.  There was food and music as well as gifts.  The students and faculty of Christ-St. Peter Lutheran School would like to say a special thank you to the group "Friends of Jesus" who have been giving gifts to every student in every room for the past 8 years.  As you can see by the pictures, the students are grateful for this act of kindness.

January Joint Chapel
With the tree and Nativity scene still on display, the students from both campuses joined together at the East Campus for the monthly joint chapel.  After the chapel service, students of the month from December announced.  The students joining the Mr. B's for lunch were also chosen.

January Book Buddies
After the January Joint Chapel, the students paired up with their book buddies again and enjoyed a wide variety of books.  Even some of the younger students were able to read to the older students to get more practice.

Basketball Season
Basketball season is underway.  This year our boys are participating in the A and B teams.  Our thanks to the boys and families for their participation as well as our coaches - Mr. Carter, Mr. Czer, Mr. Hochmuth and Mr. Schable.

8th Grade
Welcome to the 8th grade room.  Our students show how they work and interact to get the strongest education possible.

2014 Geography Bee
Another Geography Bee has been completed and we congratulate our winner and runner-up.  The students in grades 4-8 competed in the multi-round competition.

K4 and 1st Grade Zoo Education Center Field Trip
At the end of January, the K4 and 1st grade were able to make a visit to the Zoo's Education Center.  The K4 learned about "Animal Athletes" while the 1st grade had a presentation on "Critter Covers."  Students were given an opportunity to touch animals and learn more about them.

Second Grade Readers' Theater
The second grade, under the advising eyes of Mr. Yerks and Mrs. Nocella, were able to present their Reader's Theater presentation of the Wise Men visiting Jesus in the K4, K5 and first grade rooms.  These students showed the younger students another important aspect of reading.

Winter at the Mequon Preserve
The 1st and 2nd grades braved the winter cold and checked out how the Mequon Nature Preserve looks now.  The students went to the Nature Preserve in the fall and saw how the plants and animals were preparing for winter.   Now they went to look at the change of the season.

Boys' Art Club
The 2014 Boys' Art Club has started.  It has a new format, lasting 6 weeks.  The boys are starting with a 2 week unit on drawing.  They have special sketch books which allow them to try different techniques and of course, share their results.

Girls' Art Club
Thursdays are the night for Girls' Art Club.  Like the boys, the girls will have 6 weeks of art club - 2 weeks in February, 2 weeks in March and 2 weeks in April.  It allows us to try our hand at some different techniques and have time to practice them.  These first weeks we are working on different styles of drawing and sketching.

Grades 3-4 in Madison
Mrs. Beyersdorf and Mrs. Bravo took the students in grades 3-4 to Madison to learn more about our state government.  They were able to meet our state representative, JoCasta Zamarripa. We appreciate her time with our students.  We thank Mrs. Beyerdorf and Mrs. Bravo for their efforts to make learning come alive for our students.

Friday, February 14, 2014
Friday, February 14, 2014 was our joint chapel day for February.  We also celebrated the students of the month from January after the service.  The students participated in the 3rd Book Buddy Reading Program for the year as well.  Then, back in the classrooms it was Valentine's Day and the 100th day of school for the 2013-2014 school year.  What a day!  Enjoy some of our fun.

K5 and 2 go to the Zoo
The K5 and 2nd Grade finally got to get to the zoo education center.  The K5 did the program Animal Senses the the 2nd grade participated in the program Up and Down the Food Chain.  Our thanks to the zoo for providing these field trips which not only add to the learning of our students but also follow the Common Core State Standards.

New Friends and Family
With the help of Wisconsin Lutheran College and Martin Luther College, teaching students have returned to our classrooms along with nursing students. The teaching students have time to observe and practice some teaching and discipline techniques.  The nursing students assist with vision and hearing screenings as well as talking to the students about various health issues.  We are thankful to Wisconsin Lutheran College in Milwaukee and Martin Luther College in New Ulm, Minnesota for these additions to the CSPLS school family.

Checking on Winter
The K4 and K5 waited until the end of February to check out the animals and plants at the Mequon Preserve.  They had visited in fall and as the bus made the turn into the preserve they were amazed at how it had changed.  No more flowers, no more seeds to hunt.  Now they noticed the holes for the animals' tunnel system underground.  They also noticed now the animals were eating parts of the trees.  Everyone can hardly wait for the visit in the spring.

First Stage Field Trip
Fancy seats + beautiful scenary + sitting next to your friend = First Stage
The K4-2nd grade enjoyed a field trip to the theater to see Anatole.  Students read the books and prepared themselves for the play.  They enjoyed the live presentation and asked if they can go and see another play.

Artists on Display
Some of our 7th grade artists have been on display at the Wauwatosa Starbucks for February.  Our thanks to Miss Amann and her class for their hard work, Mr. Yerks for coordinating the efforts and to Starbucks for allowing our students to show their talents.

Painting in Art Club
The Boys' and Girls' art clubs started painting their masterpieces.  Some students sketched designs first while others let the paint and the colors lead their designs.

March Joint Chapel
The March joint chapel brought the entire student body over to the East Campus. Pastor Schoell led our devotion. After the service Mr. Beyersdorf announced the students of the month and the students chosen for "Lunch with the Mr. B's."

March Book Buddies
After the March joint chapel, the west campus students came over to the east campus to share books with their buddies. 

2014 Book Fair
The students on the East Campus were able to check out the book fair to look for some of their favorite authors and characters.  Students and parents enjoyed shopping for books during the March Parent-Teacher Conferences.  Our thanks to our parents and family members for supporting our students and their reading efforts.

Betty Brinn Museum
The K4-2nd grade students enjoyed a visit to the Betty Brinn Museum.  Highlights were working on a car in the garage, building a house in the habitat area, racing golf balls in the maze area and enjoying "the great outdoors" in the indoors in the Smokey the Bear area.

Clay Creations
Students in the East Campus art club have been trying their hand at clay.  They learned about pinch pots and coil work as well as carving.  After the projects dry, students will be painting and varnishing them.

April Joint Chapel
April 4 was joint chapel for the month.  It was held at the west campus.  After the service, Mr. Beyersdorf announced the Students of the Month from March.

Kohl's Wild Theater
After the April joint chapel, students in grades K4-6th grade gathered in the west campus gym for the Kohl's Wild Theater presentation.  We learned about Wisconsin animals, their habitats and how to protect them in a very fun and entertaining way.  Our thanks to the actors Samantha, James and Daniel as well as Kohl's for this great opportunity.

Painting the Clay
The students in the East Campus Art Club finished their clay pieces by painting and varnishing them.  Projects ranged from pinch pots, sculptures and coil work.  After finishing the pieces with varnish, students were surprised at what they had accomplished.

Art Club Party
The 2014 Art Club ended with a party for the art club students and their families.  The children were able to share the projects and techniques that they had done with their parents.  Parents were able to see the stories they painted on their boards, the sketches and drawings in their art notebooks and their clay work.  Food and fellowship followed.

6th, 7th and 8th Grade at Discovery World
The 6th, 7th and 8th grade students were able to participate in the a field trip to Discovery World.  While they were there, they were able to participate in the lab program using many of the science skills that they have been learning in class.

5th Grade Junior Docents
The 5th grade completed their training and work at the Milwaukee Art Museum for the Junior Docent program.  During the program, they chose a piece of art to re-create and then present.  Congratulations to our 5th grade students who completed the program.

Last Joint Chapel of 2013-2014 school year
May 2 marked the last joint chapel of the 2013-2014 school year.  Students from both campuses met at St. Peter.

May Book Buddies
After the May joint chapel, the west campus students joined the east campus students for book buddies.  Some big buddies listened to their little buddies read, other big buddies read to their little buddies and all the buddies had fun.

Storybook Night
The East Campus hosted storybook night on Friday, May 2.  Students and parents came in the evening in their pajamas to hear stories, enjoy refreshments and have fun!

East Campus Soccer Club
Spring soccer club has started at the east campus.  Grades K4 and K5 play on Wednesdays and the 1st and 2nd grade play on Thursdays.  Skills and games keep everyone busy and happy!

East Campus Chapel
After the May 9 chapel, the students on the East Campus found out who was named Students of the Month for April.  Then Mr. Baade picked the students who would be going for "lunch with the Mr.s B's."

West Campus Chapel
The May 9 West Campus chapel ended with the announcement of the Students of the Month from April as well as the students for "Lunch with the Mr. B's."

K4-2 at Discovery World
The east campus students went to Discovery World and Pier Wisconsin for their May field trip.  Students were able to use the interactive activities and learn about energy, levers, gears, pullies and much more. 

West Campus Talent Night
The West Campus Talent Night showed many hidden abilities of our students.  Their were solos, duets, trios and even stand-up comedy, Our students in grades 3-8 really showed their stuff!