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Faculty/Staff Installation
On Sunday, August 16, our new principal, four new teachers, Dean of Students and Mission Advancement Director were all installed at St. Peter Lutheran Church.  After the service, the new staff members were welcomed at the St. Peter Lutheran Church Spanish service and a welcome brunch at the St. Peter Community Center.

Summer Learning
Our extended learning teacher, Mrs. Reinhardt, spent the last few weeks of summer with some of her CSPLS friends.  They practiced skills and tried new challenges so that the new school year will be a breeze.

Summer Learning Celebration
With their academic skills sharpened, Mrs. Reinhardt and her summer learning friends celebrated the end of summer with mini golf, video games and a picnic.

Christ Congregation Welcomes New Teachers
On August 23, the members of Christ Lutheran Church welcomed the new faculty.  Pastor Jaeger led the congregation in welcoming them as well as acknowledging the existing faculty.

Welcome Back Pot Luck
The Welcome Back Pot Luck was in the west campus gym on Thursday, September 3.  Many families enjoyed the food, fun and fellowship.  What a great way to start our school year.

First Chapel of the Year
The school year was officially opened on September 4 with a joint chapel at St. Peter.  Pastor Vallesky led the students and faculty in thanking God for our school and asking Him to bless our school year. 

After School Sports
Mrs. Yerks started the east campus after school activities this year with games and sports.  The students have been able to run and play with her on Wednesdays and Thursdays through September.  We thank Mrs. Yerks for her time and efforts.

2015 Cross Country
Our cross country runners practiced from August through October.  They had meets throughout the beginning of the school year concluding with the WISCO cross country meet at McCarty Park.  Our thanks to our runners, families and our coach, Mrs. Beyersdorf for another great year.

Mequon Nature Preserve
Mid-September brought the first field trip for the east campus.  All of the students had the opportunity to go to the Mequon Nature Preserve to see God's creation.  We made special efforts to look at the trees in the forest and how they are changing from summer to fall.

2015 Volleyball Season
The 2015 Volleyball season has shown much improvement in our A and B team squads.  The girls have grown in their skills and attitudes.  Our thanks to the girls on our teams, their families and Coach Nitz and Assistant Coach Nitz for their time and efforts. 

Pastor Ben Visits
Pastor Ben from Victory of the Lamb Lutheran Church came to talk to our students after chapel.  He thanked us for choosing their congregation as our 1st trimester mission program.  We were happy to hear about the update on the building of their new church. 

October Joint Chapel
October's joint chapel was held at the west campus.  Mr. Berger conducted our service and the junior choir sang.  After the service, the scholars of the month and the christian leaders of the month were announced.  Our congratulations to our students who have stepped up to show their strength in the classrooms.

Book Buddies
Our first session of book buddies was in October.  Students in all grades were paired together after the October joint chapel.  All genres of books were shared between the buddies.  The buddies can hardly wait until next month!

Firefighter Visit
Fire Safety Week brought a visit from Firefighter Paula to the east campus.  She read us a story about fire safety at home and then talked to us about fire safety in our homes.  Then she dressed up in her full gear to remind us of how a firefighter looks and sounds like at a fire.  At the end of her visit, she gave us firefighter hats, books and stickers.  Thank you firefighter Paula!

East Campus Math Club
The October east campus after school activity was math club.  Students in grades K4-2 participated in Khan Academy, Leap Pad Learning and Mag Formers geometry builders.  The students were able to challenge themselves and in the process grow in their math skills.

A Trip to Mequon
Students in grades 3rd and 8th made a visit to our Wisconsin Lutheran Seminary in Mequon.  They were able to learn more about the school that trains our future pastors.

West Campus Game Night
Students in grades 3-6 and their families participated in the annual game night.  Families were able to play all types of games with their children and enjoy the fellowship.  Our thanks to Mrs. Beyersdorf  for spearheading this event.

Discovery World Field Trip
Discovery World was the October field trip destination for grades K4-2.  They were able to learn more about their bodies in the Grossology Lab and experiment with gears and levers.  In the Remain Aquarium, students were able to touch sting rays and bamboo sharks. 

I'm a Viking!
The 5th graders were visited by Mr. Mark Ricke, the recruitment director from our Wisconsin Lutheran High School.  He talked to them about high school.  In just four short years, they will be freshmen!  He reminded them of the choice they have of attending Wisconsin Lutheran High School.  This is a school with an excellent academic record but also a place where our students can continue their education in Jesus.  The students were able to make Viking t-shirts which they are encouraged to wear at upcoming WISCO events.  

November Joint Chapel
Our November joint chapel was at St. Peter Lutheran Church on the east campus.  Pastor Jaeger continued with our theme of "Fix Our Eyes on Jesus."  After the service, Scholars of the Month and Christian Leaders of the Month for October were announced.  For the first time this school year, students were then picked for "Lunch with the Administration."  We thank God for all of our scholars and leaders.

November Book Buddies
The west campus big buddies came over to their east campus little buddies for our second book buddy reading event of the school year.  

A Barnyard Moosical
The east campus students performed their "Moosical" on Thursday, November 12.  Playing to a full house, the students were able to sing and dance their way into the hearts of the audience.  Our thanks to the Brown family and friends for their help with our new scenery.  We would also like to thank to the students, parents, faculty and staff for their help with this amazing opportunity for our students.

Kohls Wild Theater
Kohls Wild Theater made an appearance at the east campus in November.  Students were able to interact with the Healthy Hullabaloo program.  They learned about habits that help them stay healthy for their whole life.  Our thanks to Kohls for their partnership with the Milwaukee County Zoo to make programs like this available to our students.

Museum Field Trip
The east campus students spent a day at the Milwaukee Public Museum.  They were able to visit the butterfly habitat, the Native American wing, the European Village as well as attend the planetarium show.

Thanksgiving Feast
November 20 marked the second annual east campus Thanksgiving Feast.  This year's theme was the food of Thanksgiving.  Students learned about why we eat turkey, how stuffing is made, why corn was so important to the Pilgrims, and pie!

Home Depot
In December the K4-2 took hammers in hand and made a project at Home Depot.  Our thanks to Home Depot for their wonderful hospitality.

Krispie Kreme Treat
A part of our Home Depot field trip was to go to Krispie Kreme for snack.  Our students were able to experience first hand how they make the doughnuts and then, of course, to eat one!  Yum!

Tandy Leather Experience
The east campus students were able to work on a leather craft project with the help of Tandy Leather.  Workers from Tandy Leather brought the tools and leather and taught the students how to punch their designs.

December Chapels and Christmas Practice
For all Fridays in December, east and west campus students met at Christ Lutheran Church for chapel and then Christmas service practices.  Students were able to worship and then practice their recitations and songs for the special service in December.

January Chapel
January joint chapel met at the east campus.  Scholars of the Month and Christian Leaders for the month of December were recognized.

January Book Buddies
Grades 3-8 met with their K4-2 reading buddies at the east campus.  Big books, chapter books, decodable books, seasonal books and many more were shared by the friends.

WISCO Football Player Readers
Mr. Wetzel and five football players from Wisconsin Lutheran High School came to the K5 classroom to read to our scholars and talk to them about the importance of school.  Our thanks to Mr. Wetzel and the football players for this unique experience for our scholars.

B Team Basketball Tournament
January16-17 was the annual B Team Baskerball Tournament.  Eight teams from area Lutheran grade schools participated.  Our boys worked hard.  Thanks to our B-team coach, Mr. Schable, and his players and their families for their help with such a fun season.

East Campus Music Club
The month of January brought music club to the east campus.  Mr. Yerks led the students in songs, rhythms and instrument fun.  Our thanks to Mr. Yerks and the students and their families for participating in this club.

Zoo Education
East campus students headed to the Zoo Education Center for their January field trips.  The K4 participated in Animal Athletes, K5 learned more about their science unit with It's Alive, first grade learned more about Penguins and the second grade learned more about Animal Classification.

West Campus Art Visit
Students from the west campus enjoyed another visit from Mr. Ricke from Wisconsin Lutheran High School.  Mr. Ricke brought his spin art drum.  The students were able to create one of a kind masterpieces.

Girls' B Team Basketball
The B girls basketball team has put in a good season of learning and teamwork.  Our thanks to the girls, the families and Coaches, Mr. Beyersdorf and Mrs. Crockwell, for a great season.

B Team Cheerleading
Cheerleading has returned to CSPLS!  Under the watchful eye of Mrs. Dausel, B team cheerleading returned for the B Boys basketball games.  Our thanks to Mrs. Dausel, the girls and their families for their participation.

100th Day of School
Tuesday, February 9 was the 100th day of school for the 2015-2016 school year.  Students at the east campus celebrated with counting, writing and comparing different ways to make 100.

Betty Brinn Museum
The K4-2nd grade went to the Betty Brinn Museum for their February field trip.  Students had an opportunity to explore music, working in a community, exploring how the body works and having an adventure with Mr. Potato Head.

February Joint Chapel
The February joint chapel was held at the west campus.  Pastor Jaeger led our worship and then scholars of the month and Christian leader of the month for January were announced.

Geography Bee Winners
The first and second place winners of the Christ-St. Peter National Geography Bee were announced after the February joint chapel.  Our congratulations to our winners.

February Book Buddies
The February book buddies were at the west campus after chapel.  Students enjoyed time reading as well as working on science and art projects.

East Campus STEM Club
East Campus STEM Club has been working on answers to a few perplexing problems.  For example, how can they keep Bo Peep's sheep safe?  Or what can they do to prevent Humpty Dumpty from falling?  Under the watchful eyes of Mrs. Lindenberg and Mr. Nelson, the K4-2 students have an opportunity to use their science, technology, engineering and math skills to create some amazing answers.

5th and 6th Grade Forensics
Students in 5th and 6th grade had the opportunity to participate in the Wisconsin Lutheran High School Forensics Fair.  Students prepared different forms of orations to present to the judges.  All students placed in first, second or third place.  Congratulations to our students for using their God-given skills in forensics.  Our thanks to their coach, Mrs. Lindenberg.

Mad Science
The K4-2nd Grade enjoyed a visit from Professor Maria from Mad Science.  She showed us some chemical reactions which made us all want to scientists.

March Joint Chapel
March joint chapel was held at the east campus.  Mr. Schable led our devotion and the junior choir sang.  After the service, scholars of the month and Christian leaders of the month were announced.

March Book Buddies
After the March joint chapel, book buddies met and shared stories as well as projects. 

A Visit to Wisconsin Lutheran College
The K4 and K5 took a field trip to Wisconsin Lutheran College to see the play, "The Little Red Hen."  Before the show, the students checked out the art gallery and the library.  Seeing the play was great, but other highlights were seeing the paintings of students from their trip to Grenada and the model of Noah's Ark.

April Joint Chapel
The East Campus students overcame another spring snowstorm to head over to the West Campus for the April Joint Chapel.  Pastor Jaeger brought us the message about how we know that the Bible is true.  The Junior Choir sang a special song in celebration of Easter.  After the service, the Scholars and the Christian Leaders of the Month for March were announced.

April Book Buddies
The West Campus hosted the April Books Buddies.  Students enjoyed the stories and sharing the love of reading.

Survive Alive House Field Trip
The first and second grade were able to visit the Milwaukee Fire Department's Survive Alive House.  They learned strategies on how to get out of a fire and remain safe.  Our thanks to the Milwaukee Fire Department.

Sixth Grade
The sixth grade has been learning what to do when they see something in the world that seems unfair - they write letters and make posters to get their opinion heard.  Under the supervision of Mrs. Arndt, they have been learning how to be heard in a God pleasing way.

East Campus Art Club
Art Club is underway at the East Campus for the month of April.  This year students are working with acrylic paint on canvas.  Brush strokes are being taught as well as color blending.

Fairy Tale Tea
Students in grades K4 and first participated in their annual Fairy Tale Tea.  The first graders presented fairy tales in Reader's Theater format.  The K4 heard "The Three Little Pigs," "The Princess and the Pea" and "The Little Red Hen."  After the stories, the students were treated to a tea party with fairy dusted popcorn, magic want fruit skewers and fairy tale tea cookies.  Our thanks to Mrs. Yerks and Mrs. Lindenberg for this special opportunity for their students.

The Milwaukee Ballet Visits the East Campus
The Milwaukee Ballet came to visit the students in grades K4 and K5.  Students listened to stories about ballet and got to see beautiful costumes that the dancers use.  Then they danced for us and taught us some dances.  They also taught us to say bravo.  Our thanks and a big Bravo to the Milwaukee Ballet for this opportunity.

K4 Mother's Day Tea
Mrs. Yerks and Mrs. Scoggins organized the 2nd annual K4 Mother's Day Tea.  Students made presents, practiced songs and made treats for their moms and grandmothers.  The big day finally came and these important women in their lives came to enjoy the fun.

Singing for the Circuit Pastors
The Pastors of our area met at St. Peter's Lutheran Church.  The students in grades K4-2 sang for their worship service.

May Joint Chapel
May marked the last joint chapel of the school year.  After Mr. Nelson presented the devotion, Pastor Jaeger baptized seven of our students along with a younger sibling of one family.  We celebrate with our friends at their baptism.

The April Scholars of the Month
After the May Joint Chapel, the scholars of the month from April were announced as well as the Christian Leaders of the Month.  Our congratulations to all of our scholars.

East Campus Soccer Club
The last club for this school year is soccer club.  The students practiced the basic soccer ball handling skills of stopping, kicking and dribbling.  Our thanks to Mrs. Lindenberg and Mrs. Yerks for their work with this club.

West Campus Talent Show
The West Campus Talent Show showcased the talents of our West Campus students.  Talent ranged from singing, dancing, playing piano and comedy.  The 5th and 6th grade classes even presented short skits.  Our thanks to the students and Mr. Nelson for sharing their talents with everyone.

May Book Buddies
May Book Buddies were the final book buddies of the year.  The older students have noticed the growth in their younger buddies as far as reading abilities and attention spans. 

Story Book Night
The East Campus hosted the end of the year story book night as well as a celebration of this year's clubs.  Students who participated in the September Sports Club, Math Club, Music Club, STEM Club, Art Club and Soccer Club were acknowledged.  Food, fun and fellowship were had by all.  Our thanks to the families and faculty members who helped to make all of this possible.

2016 Music Recital
Miss Wallace and her music students presented their annual recital on Thursday, May 26.  Family and friends enjoyed the beautiful music of Christ-St.Peter students in grades K4-8.  Our thanks to Miss Wallace, the students and their parents for sharing their talents with all.