Christ-St. Peter Lutheran School’s curriculum is a Christ-centered, standard-based curriculum that focuses on the academic, emotional, and spiritual growth of students. We emphasize growth by meeting the students where they are and providing focused instruction and assessments designed for improvement.

Our goal for the school's culture is to maintain an environment where Christian love is evident and learning thrives. This includes the use of God's Word throughout our day to teach respect, love, empathy, patience, forgiveness, self-control, and responsibility. Emphasizing a growth mindset, we create safe classrooms that allow students to be risk takers as they understand risk and failure are part of the learning process.

Christian values are embedded in the education program at Christ-St.Peter Lutheran School.  These Christian values are commonly referred to as our CSP scholar success skills.  They include:




  • Responsibility is being faithful in the roles God has given us.



  • Perseverance is enduring and thriving, even through difficult times, like Christ.  


  • Compassion is showing love and mercy to those around you in word and action, using empathy, kindness, and forgiveness, as Jesus taught us.



  • Integrity is working hard to do the right thing even when no one is watching; having honesty and being a Christ-like example for others to follow, earning their trust. 



  • Humility is being a servant-leader by putting others first, following Christ’s example.  



  • Unity is being connected as one body with many different parts, in one mission, so that the world sees Christ’s love in us.






Our diverse student body is unique, not within the near south side of Milwaukee, but certainly unique in regards to the rest of the city. We are a neighborhood school that exists to serve the multi-ethnic population of the south side of Milwaukee.


We support our students with a resource teacher and through the Title programs along with classroom teacher strategies and study time after school.

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We have a lot going on at Christ-St. Peter's, including many fun field trips, sports, graduations and events. Even if you're not here, don't miss the chance to see these great moments!

2229 W. Greenfield Ave., Milwaukee, WI 53204 

1204 South 8th Street, Milwaukee, WI 53204   


Christ-St. Peter Lutheran School exists to provide a high-quality, Christ-centered education that inspires academic excellence and prepares our students for lives of Christian service.




 2229 W. Greenfield Ave.


1204 S. 8th Street

Milwaukee, WI  53204

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