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Christ-St. Peter Lutheran School is the collaboration of Christ Lutheran Church, established in 1884, and St. Peter Lutheran Church, established in 1861.


As congregations, both St. Peter and Christ faithfully teach and preach God’s Word in English, Spanish, and Karen, reach out the community in many ways, and offer a Christian education.


The history of Christ-St. Peter Lutheran School dates back to 1861 with Pastor Dammann. The St. Peter Lutheran Church history simply states that Pastor Dammann held services on Sunday and kept school in the church basement during the week. In 1879, St. Peter opened school in a new building that still stands and is in current use. The school grew to hold 347 students in the new building and the church basement by 1884.


In 1884, Christ Lutheran Church was founded by members of St. Peter, and with the new church, a new school was founded by Pastor Bergmann. The school grew to 233 students in 1901 with a grand total of 2 teachers. In 1966, Christ Church voted to build a new school. The new school was dedicated in 1971. St. Peter and Christ combined their schools in 1997. Between the two churches, they have offered a Lutheran Elementary School education on the near south side of Milwaukee continuously for 155 years.


Consider what both Christ and St. Peter do as congregations: they faithfully teach and preach God’s Word in English and Spanish (and for St. Peter, also Karen), reach out to their neighbors in various ways, and offer Christian education in a Lutheran Elementary School setting.


The ministry that they provide through the Lutheran elementary school is part of the identity of both churches. From each congregation’s inception, each has always loved and nurtured a Lutheran Elementary School. The Lutheran Elementary School is part of both congregations’ heritages.


Both Christ and St. Peter congregations have chosen to remain in the city in their historic locations to reach out with Gospel and offer an excellent education to the children in our city.


Christ-St. Peter Lutheran School exists to provide a high-quality, Christ-centered education that inspires academic excellence and prepares our students for lives of Christian service.




 2229 W. Greenfield Ave.


1204 S. 8th Street

Milwaukee, WI  53204



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